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Be Notified

Receive alerts when the sensor opens or closes.

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Control with phone via Smart Life and Tuya apps: available on Android and IOS. Works with Alexa and Routines for Automation.

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Easy to Install

Both parts of the sensor just have to be close to each other [<15 mm] when you affirm the entry point to be closed. It can therefore be installed anywhere!

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Why Buy IlcyTech® Sensor?

Use it for Any Purposes

Want to know when your boyfriend/girlfriend or daughter/son comes home. Want to bust your siblings entering your room. Want to check how many times the candy drawer opens per night and much more. Well, the IlcyTech® Sensor is the perfect device for you. Use it for any purposes.

Wherever You Are

Where ever you might be, the ilcyTech® Sensor will always let you know when it opens or closes.

Track Records

Where ever you might be, the IlcyTech® Sensor will always let you know when it opens or closes.

Our Customers Love It

More than 2,000 happy customers are making good use of the IlcyTech® Sensor. They are using it as their third eye and it works. Let us know what you discover!